"Five-Year-Old Blogger Keeps Comic Strip Format Alive"

Our newspapers' comic strips used to be a faithful go-to for a daily chuckle. But in the era of all things online, the "funny pages" may not have as many people laughing out loud. Wisely, artists like George Sfarnas are keeping the strip format alive by adapting it for the Web. His family-friendly "Being Five" comic strip is continuing to capture the attention of new, all-age readers with its publication in blog format. The comic also focuses on a blogger, albeit a unique one - a five year old who uses voice recognition software to get over his typing inabilities. "Georgie" blogs about matters like Spiderman Band-Aids, his mother's age-defying techniques, the family dog Charlie, cooties, Brangelina and even search engine optimization. Sfarnas was inspired to create "Being Five" after noticing his own young son's unique perspective on life, and decided to use his experience as a cartoonist to launch a new strip. As Georgie gets more followers and subscribers, this tyke with a lot to say could find his way into other medium as well. ~ Big Blue Dot

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